The most effective way to continue your workout

To continue seeing results, you will definitely need to keep on exercising, no matter what kind of exercise you choose to do. It's clear that if the gym is far or not at a convenient location, we tend to skip workouts easily. The better the location, the higher the motivation. Harry's personal training is available anywhere you choose, at home, at the workplace, or at a facility within your residence.

Let Harry's service be a part of your life.

1. What's most important for us is to build trustworthy relationships with our clients.
1. With high level of hospitality, we are committed to providing you with the best quality of service to get your mind and body in shape.
1. We'll set out goals together that are realistic, attainable in a short / medium and long term.

How to get started

お問い合わせ お問い合わせ

Feel free to contact us for any questions about in-home personal training, a trial session and general questions.
Tel: 078-891-6552
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ご返答/予約受付 ご返答/予約受付

We'll get back to you via e-mails or phone about your inquiry. You can then choose to make an appointment for a (trial) session accordingly.

ご訪問 ご訪問

We'll come to the place of your request with all the necessary fitness equipment.

サービス内容の説明/カウンセリング サービス内容の説明/カウンセリング

①We'll provide you with some key information about the in-home service and our background.
②We'll check your health, set goals together, create a customized program and decide on a suitable schedule to achieve your goals.

運動実施 運動実施

We hope to provide you with the most efficient and effective program within a limited amount of time. You will have one-on-one attention through the whole session. We are sure you'll have a rewarding experience, and the session will be over before you know it!

Prices (In-home personal training)

<1 session is 60 min. to 90 min. >
○Registration 10,000 yen
○1 session 12,000 yen
○Plan A : 4 sessions / month 36,000 yen (9500 yen / session)
 Plan B : 6 sessions / month 51,000 yen (8,500 yen / session)
 Plan C : 8 sessions / month 64,000 yen (8,000 yen / session)
   (※to be paid monthly)

Traveling expenses

※Please note that an additional cost may occur in addition to the session price depending on the location.

◆Free of charge areas : Kobe city Chuoh ward, Nada ward, Higashinada ward, Ashiya city, Nishinomiya city
◆Additional 2000 yen areas : any location in Kobe city besides the areas listed above
◆Other areas : ask us for rates!

Trial Session

◆30 min. of workout + introduction about our "in-home personal training" service
7000 yen (one time only)

Locations (examples) / types of training

◎your own home, living room, unused space


◎local park


Exercise (examples)

◎resistance training




◎cardio exercise (cardiopulmonary function, fat-burning)


Recommended for those who:

◆need privacy, don't want to wait
◆couldn't commit going to the gym
◆want to maximize their time
◆prefer working out in their own home or at their convenient environment
◆live too far to go to the gym
◆want to workout on their own in the future
◆need the support of a trainer to keep motivated

◎Harry's dedicates all our energy to ensure you achieve your fitness goals such as :

☆ Weight loss / Dieting
Any kind of food is available anytime nowadays, which can lead you to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Let us help you identify the trigger points and decide on your best workout plan together.

☆ Body Toning
♂ slim, lean athletic figure or macho?
♀ model-like, slim, or Madonna-like?

☆ Health maintenance / improvement
Many of us have lost an active life in exchange for convenience. Lifestyle symptoms such as backaches, stiff shoulders, and Arthritis can be greatly improved by specific exercise.

☆ Culture of basic physical fitness / physical performance
Get extra stamina to play with your kids after work, enjoy golf more, or even get things done easily, simply to live healthier and feel better!

☆ Prenatal / postnatal workouts
Prenatal / postnatal health maintenance, getting back in shape, weight management

☆ After rehabilitation
Exercise after rehab is not easy to follow up on your own. Let us support you to make your program more enjoyable by putting some fun into it, and keep your motivation high.

Harry's Personal training

  • Harry's Personal Training
  • Personal training is available at a chosen public facility or a fitness club. we are committed to providing you with a session that is goal-oriented, effective and efficient. We are also confident that you will experience a sense of more fulfillment compared to when doing it on your own and not knowing for what's best for you.

Personal training is recommended for those who:

・want to start working out but don't know what to start with
・interested in going to the gym but not sure if you can commit regularly
・want to get the best result within a limited amount of time
・want to learn the right way to work out

Main facility

■The Entente fitness club
〒658-003 5-15 Kohyocho naka Higashinada-ward Kobe city
Tel:078-858-0700  URL:

This is a members-only international sports club in a prestigious residence located on Rokko island, Kobe. The work-out-gym is very spacious and even professional athletes utilize it often.

Other facilities

If your residence already has a training facility, our personal training service could be offered there. However, this may not apply in all cases depending on the facility's / residence's rules and regulations. Please let us know the facility details so that we can contact its management. We will then let you know whether or not it is possible to use that space.

<Various purposes>
・Body Toning (improvement of body shape, keeping in shape)
・Weight Management (weight loss / weight gain)
・Health maintenance / improvement (stress release, postural training)
・Learning how to exercise properly
・Program design

Please feel free to contact us!